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We trust "Technology" is the keystone to make brand perfect

What’s We Can Provide?

Aflame Tech was founded in Aug 2020, mainly focus on providing IT Solutions for different industry.
We do not only provide IT solutions but also brings market value to our clients. 

Mobile App Development

We have designed and implemented mobile app development with various projects. Provide better functionality and features by using rich UI elements to meet up with different clients’ needs.

Web Design and Development

A website is a brand identity to let your customers know who you are. We do not only provide information but also interactivity, functionality, usability, security.

Content Management System

We aim to provide a user-friendly interface to let clients easily create and manage the website, including the functions, contents, and images, etc.
Simple and Clear UI interface. High-security and strong features CMS system.

Data Analysis and Management System

Data is a vital asset for a company. A successful brand is analyzing and using the data in the right way. Our system features are flexible. It has various filters and reports support. We can support different client needs to research the data.


We served the customers in different indsutries,
including NGOs, Education, Schools, Sports, Helathcare, and Enterprises.


Language Learning Platform for Gabi Education


New Concept Kid- financial management system


Team Building Leadership – Digital Adventure-based Training Application

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companies from different industry

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HKSTP & GAA – API EcoBooster

Aflame Tech has won one of the place from thousand applications. We have been dedicated to develop technology for improving and enhancing different industry market needs.

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